Foundation Repair in North and South Carolina

Foundation Repair in North and South Carolina

Push Piers for Foundation Repair Davidson Residence, Charlotte, NC

Residential Foundation Repair

Window crack

Crack in front window of home before repair.

push pier installation

Push piers being driven to load-bearing strata.

crack fixed

A Crack in front window after installation.

Project: Davidson Residence
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Date: October 2009


The Davidson residence is a brick and wood-framed structure that was originally built in 1965 in the South Park area of Charlotte, NC. In 2009, after several years of drought-like conditions in the southeastern United States, the homeowners began noticing cracks in their foundation. The homeowners were particularly concerned with a large separation crack in a front window of the home which was caused by foundation settlement.


Supportworks of the Carolinas installed two (2) Supportworks Model 288 Push Piers to permanently stabilize the foundation. The piers were installed to depths of approximately 10 feet and to estimated ultimate capacities of over 33,000 pounds. L-shaped foundation support brackets were positioned below and against the footings and hydraulic cylinders were used to lift the foundation back toward a level position. The push piers effectively stabilized the foundation and restored value to the home. The homeowners now have peace-of-mind knowing that their foundation was fixed properly and have the added assurance of a 25 year warranty.


"The damage caused by the settlement at my home was quite alarming and had me concerned about how to fix the problem. The Supportworks of the Carolinas inspector took time to analyze the issues and develop a cost effective and efficient way to correct the problem once and for all. I am impressed with the results and am confident of their long term effects." - Mr. Davidson

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Supportworks of the Carolinas, Charlotte, NC

Certified Inspector: Ron Weatherly, Supportworks of the Carolinas

Structural Products Installed: (2) Supportworks Model 288 Push Piers

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